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What is e-volunteering?

E-volunteering, 'e-vols', is dedicated to the pro-active advance of human rights, with the long-term goal of securing these rights through constitutional change. We have engaged with refugee and Indigenous human rights issues, and the peace movement. The only pre-requisite for participating with e-vols is an interest in fostering the development of a human rights culture. At this stage, e-volunteering does not involve direct client case-work, but presents an opportunity to address the bigger picture rights issues that affect all people.

Roma Mitchell CLC has full membership and/or a volunteer status for e-vols.

Why e-volunteering?

Members achieve more with e-vols than if they work alone. E-volunteering generates opportunities for building personal and professional skills, teaching, networking, and for gaining practical experience in human rights work. E-volunteers at Roma Mitchell have also benefited from getting references for job applications and research funding submissions, that reflect a proven input.

Who are we?

RMCLC commenced as the Norwood Community Legal Service (NCLS) in 1979 after local solicitors giving pro bono legal advice and assistance in their offices formalised this pro bono legal aid in a single association under the guidance of a new local Labor member for Norwood, lawyer Greg Crafter MP.

When CLC program funding was withdrawn in 2001, NCLS’s successor body RMCLC chose a service function rationalisation to maintain the volunteer staffed Evening Advisory Service (EAS). A Roma Mitchell Human Rights Volunteer service arm was created to staff RMCLC, administer the EAS, and to run human rights actions. E-vols developed from this as an email initiative.

Members endeavour to pilot the outreach of a human rights based service delivery in fulfilling a community legal aid function. RMHRVS uses IT to tap additional staff resources and skills of professional volunteers who exhibit and have the inclination and qualifications to become RMCLC volunteers/e-vols.

Still interested?

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Patrick Byrt